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Paris Hilton & Afrojack | Emrah Is


Paris Hilton & Afrojack

Paris Hilton & Afrojack


May 30th, 2013


This is a sad day for the true EDM lovers. Not long ago Paris Hilton have announced that she will be releasing an artist album this year. Now hold on to your seat…Afrojack, the much respected dutch house producer have announced that he will work alongside his ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton on producing her upcoming second studio album. Not much is known about the album at this time, lacking a title or release date but it is said to have several featured artists, one being the popular hip-hop artist Lil’ Wayne and it is going to be “house music”. Paris Hilton surely doesn’t know what House music is with her choice of collaborators. Afrojack has recently been receiving a bit of negative criticism for transitioning into the dreaded dark side of mainstream music working with Pitbull and the controversial Chris Brown in the past. It’s safe to say this move definitely isn’t helping his EDM-scene popularity, especially after most of us have probably seen Paris’s suicidal “DJ set” that she preformed in Ibiza last spring, Afrojack himself even dissing the young starlet say the set was prerecorded. No, no it’s not over yet…Just as you thought this was the most unpleasant thing you heard, Nick Cannon on the other hand has announced that he is plannig to announce a House/EDM album titled “White People Party Music” Which will include at least one collab with Afrojack again…He has already released a single from the upcoming album called “Me Sexy”. I could only listen to 5-10 seconds tops..It surely is a “great work” made with “passion” nevertheless I am really sure just like DJ Pauly D, he will sell much more album compared to quality EDM producers.


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